Jackie Hogue, owner

Jackie is committed to community building and at the same time passionate about solving hard problems.  Jackie has been involved in community building and social change for 20 years, 12 of which spent in non-profit management or leadership roles where she grew and shaped organizations. As a trained, skilled facilitator, Jackie enjoys catering to a variety of learning styles to ensure meetings, community consultations or trainings are engaging and successful.


Jackie is Metis with Polish Settler ancestors.  Her life experiences, both locally and internationally, have informed her desire to use her skills to dismantle racism and oppression.  With years of experience in conflict resolution training, Jackie enjoys finding opportunity among challenging situations, particularly as they relate to organizational strengthening and dismantling oppression.


Janine Hogue Sansregret has over 15 years of experience with administration, programming and mediation in the nonprofit sector. Her experience includes leadership and administration in the arts, development and implementation of youth programing, as well as mediation in the areas of community, workplace, family and victim/offender.  She is also an associate mediator with Facilitated Solutions.


Jackie has collaborated with several skilled and thoughtful people to design and deliver training and support to organizations.  Additionally, she co-designed and co-teaches a course called "Confronting Racism in the Inner City" at the University of Winnipeg.

Shannon is well known as a Traditional Teacher, Ceremonialist, presenter and trainer.  Shannon has facilitated cross-cultural trainings and workshops for dozens of Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies, has experience in non-profit management and program design and is also an author, helper and cultural advisor.

Harley Eagle - Harley Eagle is of the Dakota/Anishinabe First Nations, enrolled in the Wapaha Ska First Nations Reserve, in Saskatchewan, Canada.  He has spent years leading work in dismantling racism within organizations.  He is currently a Cultural Safety Facilitator for Island Health on Vancouver Island. 

Since 2004, Rhonda has worked throughout Manitoba with nonprofit leaders and board of directors to assist them in strengthening their organizations and better serve their communities.  Rhonda owns and operates Lorch and Associates.

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Jackie Hogue

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J.Hogue & Associates

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