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We support strong dialogue and good process by offering our facilitation skills for:

  • Meetings

  • Discussion and reflection

  • Community consultations

  • Planning and decision making

Cultural Competency & Dismantling Racism


We use an anti-oppression framework to help support organizations in dismantling racism and building cultural competency in an effort to have strong, authentic relationships.


As part of our services we custom design workshops that include:

  • Dismantling Racism and Cultural Competency 

  • Understanding Colonization and Exploring Reconciliation

  • White Culture and White Supremacy 

We also support organizations to enhance their capacity to work through an anti-racist approach by conducting organizational assessments, facilitating community engagement, and coaching staff or committees.

Strategic Planning


We support organization in designing and realizing their future. Using a variety of tools and techniques we design a process to fit your organization.


As part of the planning process we can assist with community engagement, research, facilitation, reporting and annual planning.  

Training & Support


We can work with you to design and deliver supports that meet the needs of your team – whether it be your Executive Director, staff, volunteers or Board.  We can help support:

  • Building Facilitation skills

  • Team building

  • Cultural Competency, Dismatling Racism and Reconciliation

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